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Information about change in standard requirements

15th September 2015 new ISO standard 9001:2015 was issued, in parallel the former version of the standard is applicable till 15th September 2018.

What’s the difference between ISO 9001:2015 and former version of the standard?

The main purpose of the modifications in ISO standard 9001:2015 is to change the approach of standard adaptation. The new approach enables (and the standard expects), that user should develop its quality system customized to the organisation by better modelling its parameters and needs. (Under the title of “Planning quality system” a separate chapter got into the standard.)

Due to that quantity of fixed expectations are decreasing (eg.: it is not compulsory to prepare “Quality Manual” or to assign the representative of management; differentiation of records and documents or corrective and preventive actions ends). On the other hand there is a bigger emphasis on verifying conformity the structured system (expectation on applying risk analysis). Some terms, used in the standard, changed, authors endeavoured to be the formulation the wider applicable.

Structure of the standard has changed because of the new approach, appearance of elements (subsections) in the standard is determined by their purpose instead of their place of use.

What deadlines are to take into consideration?

International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and Committee on Conformity Assessment (CASCO) agreed on 3 years deadline as interim phase from issuing ISO standard 9001:2015, which means certificates bases on ISO standard 9001:2008, are valid until 15 September 2018.

Certified companies can convert to the new standard during this 3 years.

EMKI is expected to begin certifying according the new standard from the 3rd quarter of 2017. 

What kind of tasks does the conversion mean?

• We need to know the requirements published in the standard, to specify the differences compared to the old version and handle the discrepancies so as to the company complies with the requirements of the new standard.

• Company’s quality system has to be updated to comply with new requirements and verify its efficiency.

• Training has to be provided for concerned ones, who can affect the efficacy of company.

• Initiate certificating according to the new standard.

How certificating according to the new standard can be initiated?

Conversion can be investigated under renewal audit, surveillance audit or exceptional audit, it depends on your decision.

Conversation is also a charge on certificatory, thus we kindly ask you to inform EMKI about the planned date of conversation (taking into consideration the expected date of modifying quality documentation, complying training requirements). EMKI will liaise with all clients personally upon the technical, legal and financial conditions of conversation in possession of the sent notification. Of course we endeavour to suit our conditions to clients’ expectations.

What are the possibilities?

Certificatory organisation has to look over the whole quality management system for conversation, therefore conversation with renewal audit means the lowest cost increase. In this case, if decision is positive, certificates are issued with the period of validity according to former cycle timing.

If you would like to converse to the new standard at a surveillance audit, in case of successful audit the certification, issued by EMKI would be valid till 3 years, consequently former cyclicality changes. It is similar if a client would like to converse irrespective of surveillance audit, but this is the most expensive. 

Over the above, we inform you, that if there are adequate number of interested, we would organise training on new MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and its base, ISO 31000 standard about risk management. Our colleagues can’t give any solution for a raised problem, though we help to get acquainted with the instructions of the standard and requirements expected for their use. Should you are interested in our training, please register at our office.

In case of any question, please turn to us with confidence via e-mail on the following addresses: emki.titkarsag@ogyei.gov.hu or cert@emki.hu, our colleagues are available.

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