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Pharmaceutical Methodology

In the wording of the deed of foundation of the National Institute of Pharmacy (Official Gazette of Social Welfare, 26 June 1998, p. 1633) basic activities of the Institute include „development of pharmaceutical sciences, pharmaceutical methodology and promotion of scientific results to be brought into practice” as public tasks to be performed.

In compliance with the above mentioned statements collecting and issuing practical guidances, methodological letters and directions with regard to public and hospital pharmacies fall within the competence of the Department of Methodology.

Professional boards also take part in preparing methodological letters: in case of public pharmacies the Professional Board of Medicine Supply, concerning the hospital pharmacies the Professional Board of Hospital and Clinical Pharmaceutics. Methodological letters may be initiated either by a professional board or by the National Institute of Pharmacy.

The subject of a methodological letter issued by the National Institute of Pharmacy is based on the fields specified in the decrees or may also present itself from the questions emerging during the pharmaceutical practice.

There are some fields the regulation of which is realized on a higher level – in these cases the matter of the methodological letter will be covered in a particular decree or in the annex of a decree.

There have been important changes in the method of officinal preparation of drugs since Formulae Normales VII and Pharmacopoea Hungarica VIII have come into force.

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