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The Division for Health Technology Assessment is an active collaborator in numerous international partnerships. The added value of our colleagues expertise may manifest in different ways. Our partners mainly rely on our competences in in carrying out analyses from HTA perspective and less frequently in dissemination and communication tasks.

EUnetHTA – European Network For Health Technology Assessment

The European level collaboration, which has been focusing on joint European health technology assessment for a decade, is in the forefront of our cooperations. Our colleagues keep participating in all joint actions, and contribute to collaborative assessments, early dialogues, as well as the national implementation of EUnetHTA products.

For more information on our responsibilities and achievements see the EUnetHTA website.

V4+ – Fair and Affordable Pricings of Medicinal Products

The „Fair and Affordable Pricing of Medicinal Products” initiative, launched by the Visegrad Group, is a regional HTA-collaboration on health technology pricing. The overarching goal of this co-operation is to encourage harmonized negotiations on health technology pricing, and thereby to promote the market access of innovative therapies at affordable prices. In turn, it supports patients’ access to innovative new therapeutical approaches. As Hungary’s contribution to this cooperation our colleagues perform various analyses, including the analysis of budgetary impacts of novel health technologies. Besides the Division for Health Technology Assessment of OGYÉI, the Drug Reimbursement Departmentof the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary and the Pharmaceutical Division of the Ministry of Human Capacities are also involved in these activities. For up-to-date news on the initiative please visit the website of the Visegrad Group.

ISPOR Health Technology Assessment Roundtable – Europe

The International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) is the world’s leading platform for experts in health economics. For some years, ISPOR has regularly invited our colleagues to join the Health Technology Assessment Roundtable held at ISPOR’s Annual European Congresses. These annual events are visited by thousands of experts, enabling high visibility and publicity. Detailed information on the attendees, and topics covered by the Roundtable is available on ISPOR’s website.

Contributing to policy development

A less visible, but a frequent task performed by the Division for Health Technology Assessment of OGYÉI concerns issuing recommendations on medical issues and initiatives for our local partner institutions, patient representatives and international organizations in order to support evidence-based policy development considering all relevant clinical, social and economic aspects.

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