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Division of Nutritional Epidemiology

The Division of Nutritional Epidemiology focuses on public health in relation to human nutrition and nutritional environment. The division regularly monitors food consumption patterns as well as food and nutrient intakes of the population by conducting nutritional diet and nutrition status surveys. In relation to this, updating the national food composition database is one of our responsibilities. There are other important tasks of the division which include elaborating dietary guidelines, taking part in the decision-making process of food and nutrition policies and participating in the monitoring of the implemented actions (e.g. assessing the public catering act in pre-schools and primary schools). Further activities include development, coordination and implementation of health promotion programs, development of nutrition education materials and organizing courses for food service managers. The division participates European Union projects (Joint Actions) and has a strong collaboration with the WHO. It built an extensive network of co-operation with other governmental and academic institutions.

Andrea Zentai

Head of Division 

e-mail: zentai.andrea@ogyei.gov.hu
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